Fortakehl druppels

Fortakehl druppels
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Active ingredient: Penicillium roquefortii e volumine cellulae (lyophil., steril.) 5X Composition: 10 ml liquid dilution contain: Medically active substance: 10 ml Penicillium roquefortii e volumine cellulae (lyophil., steril.) 5X dil. Other constituents: purified water.
According to experience, to be administered in cases of: As with all registered homeopathic remedies, therapeutic indications are not stated. Application: Unless otherwise prescribed: For oral intake: 1 x daily 5-10 drops. For rubbing in: 1 x daily 5-10 drops into the bend of the elbow.
Side effects: Because of specific organic components of Fortakehl®, theoretically, hypersensitivity may occur. In this case, discontinue medication and treat symptomatically.
Contraindications: Do not administer in cases of known hypersensitivity to fungi (Penicillium roquefortii).
Adverse reactions: None known. Interactions with other remedies: Immunosuppressive drugs can influence the effectivity of Fortakehl®. An interval of 4 weeks before and after treatment with orally administered live vaccines must be observed.
Precautions: As with all medications and due to the variations of clinical studies, professional medical advice should be sought prior to recommending this product to patients with autoimmune diseases, to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with children.
Advice: After opening, contents must be used within two months. Additional advice: Penicillium roquefortii as an active ingredient is also contained in Exmykehl®.
Duration of treatment: Dependent on the advice of the physician or health care professional.

Penicillium roquefortii

1 x per dag 10 druppels nuchter rechtstreeks in de mond
2-3 druppels in gedistilleerd water en 10-20 diepe inhalaties.
1 x per dag 5-10 druppels aan de ziektehaard of in de

Geen bekend
Geen bekend
Penicillium roqueforti is ook verwerkt in het product Exmykehl.
De suppo beschermen tegen de warmte. Tabletten, capsules en
suppo’s bevatten lactose.


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