Functionalz Protein

2000g Eiwitten, ondersteunen snel herstel en groei van de spieren na training/sport(-prestatie)

Functionalz Protein
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Why choose PROTEIN?

The special blend of these six different sources provides continuous protein utilization, creating a “Time Release” formula for increased nitrogen retention.
All proteins digest at different rates, from very fast to very slow, ensuring constant amino acid supply to the body. Whey protein hydrolysate is absorbed immediately, and whey isolate and concentrate breakdown quickly within 1-2 hours after consumption. Egg albumin and calcium caseinate takes 3-4 hours to absorb while miscelar casein may take even longer.
The addition of Aminogen© (cutting edge digestive enzymes) provides maximum absorption. Aminogen© gives you more from your protein, by helping your body breakdown and absorb more Amino acids and maintain a better nitrogen balance. Clinical trials prove that Aminogen© boasts levels of all amino acids, including arginine and glutamine and releases much more branched chained amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Supplement Facts         /100 g                                /40g                        

Energy                        (kJ) 1619.13                        647.65
Energy  (kcal)                 382.73                                153.09
Fat                         3.80 g                                1.52 g
of which Saturated         2.31 g                                0.92 g
Carbohydrates                 7.77 g                                3.11 g  
of which Sugar                 3.94 g                                1.58 g
Protein (Dry matter)        79.85 g                                31.94 g
Fiber                        1.98 g                                0.79 g
Salt                        0.38 g                                0.15 g
Vit & min                /100 g                                /40g
Calcium                769.48 mg                        307.79 mg                        
Phosphorus                446.63 mg                        178.65 mg
Magnesium                75.99 mg                        30.40 mg
Potassium                501.92 mg                        200.77 mg


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